Amber Alert (2012)

Director: Kerry Bellessa

Writers: Kerry Bellessa and Joshua Oram

Starring: Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill, and Jason Wade

Synopsis: A group of friends on a road trip spot a car that matches the description of an Amber Alert and decide to follow it; things go very wrong with their decision in this found footage movie.

Review: Have you ever thought you spotted a criminal or someone who the police were looking for? What if you followed that person and took matters into your own hands after getting nowhere with the police? And what if that person really is bad and you’re in danger? I have to say that this film pleasantly surprised me.

First of all, I tend to like movies that are somewhat realistic. For instance, people argue in real life, people have normal jobs and normal cars, people do stupid things, and well – you get the picture. The people in this movie do all of those things and it’s refreshing in my opinion.

After spotting the car, the group argues over what to do and what turns out to be a very bad decision was what made this movie different from a few of the others. In fact, the ending is one that I won’t soon forget so without spoilers, let’s just say that it’s not your usual ending that ensures that you can sleep well at night.

 It seems that a lot of people hated this movie and I’m not sure why. Sure, there were some bad decisions but you never know what you’ll do in a situation until you are actually in that situation.

Found Footage O Meter: I give this movie an 8 out of 10 for a number of reasons. It’s realistic, the people are very normal, and the ending is quite shocking.


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