Megan Is Missing (2011)

Director: Michael Goi

 Writer: Michael Goi

 Stars: Amber Perkins, Rachael Quinn, and Dean Waite

 Synopsis: A loosely based fictional account of two teenage girls who meet an online predator and one becomes missing.

 Review: This is one of the most disturbing found footage movies I’ve ever seen. It starts out normal enough – even a little pedestrian but as the movie continues, it becomes something quite distressful and horrifying.

Megan and Amy are best friends. One is popular and the other isn’t but both enjoy each others company. They chat online, meet guys on the Internet, go to parties, drink, and engage in questionable activity for a 13 and 14-year-old. However, once Megan meets Josh online and starts chatting with him, things escalate quickly. Josh is supposedly a 17-year-old surfer who likes Megan but after she goes missing, Amy tries to find her.

This movie has a few brief moments of Megan and what happens but these images become ingrained in your head and you can never un-see what you’d seen. After Amy finds Josh, things go from bad to worse and you won’t be able to forget this movie no matter how hard you try. Let’s just say that you won’t necessarily want to pause on those brief scenes just so you can get a better look – take my word for it. I didn’t find it gratuitous either – just shocking and horrifying on a whole new level.

Found Footage O Meter: Like many of my favorite found footage movies, this one starts out pretty normal, if not mundane. However, it’s the ending or near ending that really raises the stakes and makes this something that would normally be a 4/10 movie into a solid 8/10.


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